Stoke the fire. Throw some backstrap on the grill. The latest round of your favorite camp clothing is here.

For our latest Fall/Winter collection, it's all about bringing back a few more of our original Companions classics. Whether it's cleaning deer at the skinning rack or telling stories around the tailgate, the Fall/Winter Companions collection brings back timeless designs perfect for camp hangs, a night out with old pals, and everywhere in between.

Campfire Corduroy Long Sleeve Shirt Original Bark, Leaf, Original Bottomland
Mossy Oak Boundary Jacket Original Bottomland and Bark Autumn
Lifestyle Shot of Double Dirt Long Sleeve Shirt
From the rush of the rut and opening day of duck season, to backstrap and duck poppers on the grill, Fall and Winter brings cool weather, camp fires and cold beers with friends. It's also the perfect time to break out your favorite old Mossy Oak jacket and grab a few new classics from the Fall/Winter Companions Collection.

Collaborations incoming

Companions isn't just a product. It's a feeling - your fondest memories in and out of the woods, turkey hunting with your best friends or the porch beers and fried turkey nuggets shared afterward. From one-man-shops to heritage brands, we've got some irons in the fire.

In 1986, Mossy Oak was born. Shortly after, our community of gamekeepers was growing, and we needed a closet full of casual clothing drawn straight from nature - something born in the woods but made for the camp. Something that felt like your favorite shirt, an old friend, right off the rack. With sturdy but worn-in fabrics and a color palette straight from our camouflage patterns, Companions was born.