Drake Mallard Collection

For our first waterfowl Wright Shirt, we stuck with the most classic duck around, the drake mallard. As long as Mossy Oak has been in the woods, Bottomland has been a uniform for those with their backs against a tree waiting on the next group of mallards pouring into flooded timber. And from the first Whistling Wings VHS tapes to yesterday morning in the Bottomland Woods as we write this, we have no shortage of greenhead inspiration.

For many, this is the kick-off of hunting season - and it's worth celebrating.

Drake Mallard Brown Shirt


For our first embroidery, we turned to a collection of photography from our friend Ed Wall. From Mississippi, Arkansas and duck camp at Lost Brake to Saskatchewan in September, Ed’s photographed about every mallard silhouette imaginable. 

About Ed Wall

Our buddy Ed Wall is well known in the waterfowl world for his incredible photography.

 From September in Saskatchewan down to Mississippi, Ed's spent hundreds of duck season mornings with a camera in his hand, and our Mallard Wright Shirt features embroidery of one of his classic photos.

 Wall says, “To me, these shirts jog some memory of a hunt you had when you were ten years old with your grandpa or dad. They feel like they’re from a simpler time, a slower paced time.”

The Wright Place

Most people know our home camp as the Mossy Oak family cabin or the Haas cabin, but most don't know the land it sits on... It's called "The Wright Place," and from the porch to the pines, as the name implies, it just feels right. So for a name for what promises to be one of our favorite shirts, The Wright Shirt is only fitting. Combining our love of wildlife (and specifically turkeys) with our most reliable shirts, we've created the inaugural Wright Shirt.

These shirts are embroidered locally in Mississippi in small batches.

Wright Collection Drake Mallard Polaroid CollageWright Collection Drake Mallard Polaroid Collage