Broadside Buck Products


From locking down a new lease with your buddies to taking care of an old piece of family land, there’s no offseason for a deer hunter and Gamekeeper. And when fall finally rolls around, there aren’t many weekends in a year better than deer camp. Whether it's throwing on your favorite old Mossy Oak jacket, breaking out your bow or grandad’s .270, long sits in the woods or late nights at the skinning rack and on the porch - the Broadside Buck Wright Collection represents everything we love about deer camp.

THE Broadside buck

From the offseason sweat of dirt work to late nights at the camp, we hope this shirt stays on your back for all the year round times that make deer hunting what it is.

About Ryan Kirby

We wanted a piece of art from someone who’s just as passionate about hunting whitetail deer as he is painting them, and as a longtime Gamekeeper, our old friend Ryan Kirby is just the guy. You’ll find his art on magazine covers, in Charleston galleries and on the walls of hunting camps around the country. His Broadside Buck is just the right fit for our first Whitetail Wright Collection.

Ryan Kirby is one of the best wildlife artists working right now; his paintings have been featured on the covers of several hunting and wildlife magazines, as well as ammunition boxes and more. And through art donations, he’s helped fundraise thousands of dollars for conservation organizations like NWTF and DU.

The Wright Place

Most people know our home camp as the Mossy Oak family cabin or the Haas cabin, but most don't know the land it sits on... It's called "The Wright Place," and from the porch to the pines, as the name implies, it just feels right. So for a name for what promises to be one of our favorite shirts, The Wright Shirt is only fitting. Combining our love of wildlife (and specifically turkeys) with our most reliable shirts, we've created the inaugural Wright Shirt.

These shirts are embroidered locally in Mississippi in small batches.