Opening weekend of dove season.

An instant old friends tradition older than your first 20 gauge and hand-me-down Bottomland t-shirt. It's seasoned labs getting their first taste of feathers since their last duck hunt and youngsters picking up their first birds. It's kicking the dust off your favorite shotgun, a cold drink on the tailgate and the smell of the first dove poppers hitting the grill.

For many, this is the kick-off of hunting season - and it's worth celebrating.

The Flying Dove

We made our inaugural Wright Dove Shirt and Cap in the spirit of one of our favorite weekends of the year. We paired flying dove art from our friend William Lester with our favorite Companions shirts and caps.

About this collection

The second edition of The Wright Collection features a dove. This "Flying Dove" is inspired by a water color painting we discovered at our friend, wildlife artist and trumpet call maker William Lester's studio.


The Wright Place

Most people know our home camp as the Mossy Oak family cabin or the Haas cabin, but most don't know the land it sits on... It's called "The Wright Place," and from the porch to the pines, as the name implies, it just feels right. So for a name for what promises to be one of our favorite shirts, The Wright Shirt is only fitting. Combining our love of wildlife (and specifically turkeys) with our most reliable shirts, we've created the inaugural Wright Shirt.

These shirts are embroidered locally in Mississippi in small batches.