In the early days of Mossy Oak, one of our favorite shirts was the classic wildlife embroidered button down. Ducks, deer, turkeys, elk, bass, we loved them all. With the revival of Companions, we decided to make this classic style a mainstay once again.

Walking Turkey

Our inaugural Wright Shirt had to be America's Greatest Game Bird. We pulled this turkey from Bob Tompkins' 1986 painting used in our 2023 Wild Turkey Conservation Stamp.


The Wright Place

Most people know our home camp as the Mossy Oak family cabin or the Haas cabin, but most don't know the land it sits on... It's called "The Wright Place," and from the porch to the pines, as the name implies, it just feels right. So for a name for what promises to be one of our favorite shirts, The Wright Shirt is only fitting. Combining our love of wildlife (and specifically turkeys) with our most reliable shirts, we've created the inaugural Wright Shirt.

These shirts are embroidered locally in Mississippi in small batches.