There's Nothing Like It.

Whether it's a morning in the woods, or an afternoon at camp, the sounds of spring are always refreshing.

From starting the morning with the familiar sound of coffee brewing to the unmistakable echo of a distant gobble right at sun up.

It's hard to beat that first glimpse of a floating white head, the shortness of breath and the thud of your heart beating as the bird you've been calling closes in.

Cheers to the first sip of a celebratory post hunt beer and the crackling of turkey nuggets in the fryer.

The Bottomland Bachelors

Spring is here, and it's our favorite time of year.

We're here to celebrate all of these things including the next edition of our Wild Turkey themed Wright Collection, featuring embroidery inspired by our good friend, Ryan Kirby.

We're confident these Mossy Oak Companions favorites will spend more time on your back than in your closet.

About this collection

Our friend Ryan Kirby painted The “Bottomland Bachelors” for our 2024 Wild Turkey Stamp.

In Ryan's words, "These bachelors call a very special place home. Moss-covered oaks, lush green fields and a distant lake that’s probably full of largemouth on their beds. It’s the Deep South, and it’s got more old school turkey hunting tradition than anywhere I’ve ever hunted.”


The Wright Place

Most people know our home camp as the Mossy Oak family cabin or the Haas cabin, but most don't know the land it sits on... It's called "The Wright Place," and from the porch to the pines, as the name implies, it just feels right. So for a name for what promises to be one of our favorite shirts, The Wright Shirt is only fitting. Combining our love of wildlife (and specifically turkeys) with our most reliable shirts, we've created the inaugural Wright Shirt.

These shirts are embroidered locally in Mississippi in small batches.