The days are getting longer, The water’s getting warmer, turkey season's almost here, and so is our latest Spring/Summer Collection.

From mornings in the turkey woods to afternoons on the river, baseball games and camp hangs, we've got buttery soft Tombigbee Bamboo, plus we've brought back the Short Sleeve Dirt Shirt and a few more classics guaranteed to be instant old friends.

Tombigbee Bamboo Collection
Buttery Soft & Fits Like an Instant Old Friend

The Muddy Water of the Tombigbee River

From the Buttahatchee to Mobile Bay. An apparel collection inspired by a lifetime of memories on the Tombigbee River.

For our first true Spring/Summer Collection since the return of Companions, we took inspiration from a body of water that's brought more good times to Mossy Oak than any other: the Tombigbee River.

If you head south long enough, you'll end up at the origins of part of the Mossy Oak story past Choctaw Bluff and the Mossy Oak tree, to Mobile, AL where Mr. Fox was born and raised.

Starting from West Point, well past Mr. Fox and Mrs. Evelyn's old river camp where Toxey grew up skiing and fishing, this body of water has been a summer mainstay for boat bound turkey hunting, fishing and cruising sand bars.

Inspired by a lifetime of memories on the Tombigbee, we've got our first batch of Tombigbee Bamboo for wherever and whatever you find yourself doing this spring and summer. Whether it's on the boat, on the camp porch or at a baseball game, we've got buttery-soft polos, sun shirts and hoodies all guaranteed to feel like an instant old friend.
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Companions isn't just a product. It's a feeling - your fondest memories in and out of the woods, turkey hunting with your best friends or the porch beers and fried turkey nuggets shared afterward. From one-man-shops to heritage brands, we've got some irons in the fire.

In 1986, Mossy Oak was born. Shortly after, our community of gamekeepers was growing, and we needed a closet full of casual clothing drawn straight from nature - something born in the woods but made for the camp. Something that felt like your favorite shirt, an old friend, right off the rack. With sturdy but worn-in fabrics and a color palette straight from our camouflage patterns, Companions was born.