Whether it's a hot afternoon in a treestand or a windless day on the boat, our all new warm weather hunting & fishing gear powered by Hydroplex Cooling Flex Fabric technology is built to keep you cool, comfortable and protected from the sun.
New performance fabric built to handle the dynamic conditions mother nature throws your way.

How it works

Activated by sweat, bowspray, rain or any other type of moisture, Hydroplex cooling technology begins the process of moving moisture away from the skin to quickly dry - leaving you feeling cool, comfortable and ready to perform.
  • Moisture Activation

    Hydroplex Cooling Technology is activated by sweat, bowspray, rain or any type of moisture you’ll encounter in the field or on the water.

  • Moisture Transfer

    The Hydroplex wicking process begins to move water away from the skin into the outer layers of fabric.

  • Moisture Dispersal

    Engineered to distribute moisture quickly across the surface of the fabric, Hydroplex yarn construction promotes rapid moisture transportation aiding in quick dry activation.

  • Moisture Evaporation

    Even distribution of moisture throughout the surface allows our specially woven fabric to quickly evaporate leaving you with a cool, dry and comfortable feel.

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