Protect Yourself From Fraud

If you think you may have purchased from a fake Mossy Oak store…

  1. Call our customer service line 888-667-7962. Please have your order confirmation handy. We will need your name and the order number.
  2. If we determine that your order was not placed with us, please contact your bank or credit card issuer to report the fraudulent transaction.
  3. Alert them that the purchase was fraudulent and the goods you received (if any) were counterfeited.

How to verify you are shopping at the Official Mossy Oak Store…

  1. Visit
  2. Click on the Store link in the menu
  3. If you were on the Official Store site, any items you placed in the cart will still be there. If they are not, you were on the fake store.
  4. Continue shopping normally.

How to spot the fake store:

  1. Address is other than
  2. Excessive product pop-ups and deals that expire within moments. 
  3. Missing or incomplete information on customer service pages.
  4. Product descriptions that don’t match the product.
  5. Any listed service email address that does not end with